About the Sanctuary Arts Centre

Exterior Sanctuary Arts Centre in Dartmouth

Say Hello to Dartmouth's New Home for the Creative Arts!

The Sanctuary Arts Centre is dedicated to fostering a flourishing arts scene in HRM.

Our welcoming space plays host to a diverse range of immersive and engaging events, from intimate acoustic concerts to theatrical performances and educational programs. Guided by a passionate board of artists, producers, and business leaders, we are committed to providing unique opportunities for creatives of all backgrounds to connect, create, and inspire.

The Sanctuary Arts Centre is the ideal destination for any artist looking to perform or exhibit their work. Our performance space has been lovingly renovated (from its original form as a 100-year-old church) with modern amenities and a passionate team that strives to support local art. We invite all forms of art from beginner to professional level, with programs and events happening all year round. 

 Through our diverse roster of exhibitions and events, we hope to entertain, educate, and motivate the next generation of Nova Scotia's artistic talent. The Sanctuary Arts Centre is a place where artistry comes to life and community comes together.

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Satellite view of Sanctuary Arts Centre

A Little About The Sanctuary

There's no mistaking the 100+ years of history behind this building.

For years, the First Baptist church stood at the corner of Ochterloney and Wentworth Street in Dartmouth. After it was sadly destroyed in the Halifax Explosion, the parishioners hired renowned architect Andrew Cobb to design and build a new house of worship out of steel and stone to ensure it would never fall again. You can still find a foundation stone on the front of the church marking its finished construction in 1921.

From its bold stone face to its peaked roof (which, fun fact, is actually shaped like a crucifix from above), the Arts Centre is an unmissable landmark, centrally located in Downtown Dartmouth.

As you enter the Sanctuary Theatre, your eye will undoubtedly be drawn to the deep stage, and acoustic arches (once used to amplify a grand pipe organ), the wide capacity wooden church pews with gently slopping theatre floors (every seat is a great one!) and, of course, the artist crafted stained glass windows; a gift from various Dartmouth families and parishioners over the years.

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Sanctuary Theatre

Our Main Theatre and Original "Sanctuary Auditorium" boasts a tall acoustic dome, a 642 sqft stage and accessible entrance.

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Art Hall - Sanctuary Arts Centre

Theatre Annex

Our accessible Theatre Annex space is decked in 1090 sqft of hardwood and located next to the Sanctuary Theatre. It can be rented on its own, or as an expansion space to the theatre.

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Rehearsal Hall (

Rehearsal Hall

Our accessible Rehearsal Hall sits below the Sanctuary Theatre ("Downstairs at the Sanctuary") and offers 2000 sqft of creative space and its own restroom facilities.

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Sanctuary Arts Centre Theatre Green Room

Green Room

Originally the "Pastors Office," our Green Room is located backstage in the Sanctuary Theatre and features comfortable seating, stool-height countertops and a performers’ restroom.

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Sanctuary Arts Centre Theatre Soundbooth


The Sanctuary Theatre is outfitted with a 16 input/4 output snake, stage patch bay, two additional monitor lines and four sets of house speakers, all controllable from our Soundbooth at the rear of the venue.

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Sanctuary Arts Centre Theatre Restrooms

Theatre Restrooms

These gender-neutral, private restrooms are located just to the left of our main stage. We have built these restrooms with accessibility and comfort in mind while being sure to integrate the charm of the original building's construction.

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